Our shop KKJHOME is Plus-size clothes store for plus-size girls.
No matter how big you are, just take it easy, we think we have something big enough and you love.
Actually, the reason we built this store because of my mother and I. You see... My mom and I have been our sizes most of our lives. It’s always bothered us how others stare at us and treat us differently.
But what hurts us the most is what happens when we go inside of stores. I watch how salespeople laugh and make fun of us, refusing to help us.
My mother told me that it is wrong of them to judge us based on our sizes, but we have no choice.
I’ve had a dream to manufacture and sell the plus-size clothes of my own to fit big girls like us since I was a child, no matter how big they are. So, you see, I’ve built this store as a gift to my mom, and asked our factories to make plus-size clothes, so that my mom and every person, no matter what their size, would have a place to shop where they feel comfortable. That’s why I named the store after my mom, K is the first letter both for her family name and given name, so there are 2K, KK represents my mom, and J represents me.
Our shop KKJHOME has been based on the principles of providing the good products with reasonable prices and fast delivery since all our products are from the factory directly. Moreover, since the owner Jess is BIG herself, she knows how hard to buy proper clothes herself, so she and her team would like to make friends with heavy and big women all over the world, we are willing to help you, make friends with you, share our favorite and new items, guide you to get proper and beautiful clothes as you like.

So just b
e joyful and be trustful, we will not let you  down,  because we are the same, we could totally understand with each other.

My Mom always says:

a) We should never judge someone by their size.
b) It’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what’s on the inside.
c) Smile, Chin up & Be strong, you are the perfect one in the world.