6pcs/set Stretch Breathable Cotton Over-sized Panties

$35.99 $51.41

Perfect Fit, Perfect Feel !

  • Soft, comfortable cotton underwear panties with enough stretch, high waist and full coverage design. No ride up, no rolling down-you don't feel them at all when walking around.
  • Superior combed cotton spandex fabric
  • Stay put fabric covered waistband
  • Coverage and high waist panties
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Suitable for postpartum c-section recovery

 We offer multi colors for  6pcs pack per order, 18 Colors Available

6 pcs Multi Option 1  -  White High Waist:

Black, Dark Blue,  Red, Rose, Peach, Nude;



6 pcs Multi Option 2  - White Medium Waist:

Purple, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink



6 pcs Multi Option 3  - High Black Waist:

Orange, Blue,  Grey, Nude, Light Purple, Dark Purple;


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